Episode 34

"If You're Happy, Join Hands!"

Rainbow Arc Fantasy

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Hapi Naru Nara Te wo Tsunagō!

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November 23, 2013

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"I wannabee myself ~Jibun Rashiku Itai~" by Emiri Katō & Yū Serizawa & Mikako Komatsu

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"If You're Happy, Join Hands!" is the thirty-fourth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Naru is chosen to perform at a charity event at Dear Crown for children alone. She must decide on her own how to make a happy Prism Show that the kids will enjoy. Right before Naru's performance, the children started crying because of the dark. Naru tells the children to join hands so they no longer become scared. During Naru's performance, Rinne appears on stage once again but this time both Naru and Rinne perform four consecutive duo jumps.


It is early in the morning, and Rinne is seen feeding the family cat a dish of milk while greeting it good morning. A dishevelled Naru looks frantically for her belongings, then asks for today's schedule. Her father remarks that she's bursting with energy today, which frenzies her even further. Just then, Rinne perfectly recites all the subjects scheduled for each school day while pointing Naru towards the direction of her belongings, which prompts Naru to remark that Rinne has settled comfortably into the Ayase household with ease.

On their way to school, Naru tells Rinne about her dream about the Prism World while unknowingly describing how Rinne first came to Earth in perfect detail. Naru then wonders how she could go to the Prism World, deciding to ask Momo later on. Just then, Rina and Ai are seen rushing for school, which prompts Naru to catch up to them. Rinne then flashbacks towards the time when she witnessed June's performance, where the latter showed Rinne her 'happiness'.

Over at Dear Crown, Natsuko informs June that her popularity has skyrocketed thanks to the success of her five consecutive jumps, with requests for more performances flooding in. June however states that she would rather have some time off, which prompts Hijiri to agree, as there will be many upcoming competitions in the following year. Despite this, Natsuko insists of having at least one concert, which is Dear Crown's children charity show. Hijiri decides to have Naru act as June's replacement after the latter suggests her name to him, since she is capable of putting on a performance children would love. Hijiri also remarks that Naru's inner brillance resembled June's own when they first both met, which puts a wide smile on her face.

At the school's science laboratory, Naru is befuddled by a science experiment, and attempts to ask Ann for help; however, due to the latter witnessing Wakana embracing Kazuki the other day, she is seen spacing out with a worried expression. When cornered, Ann immediately brushes it off as nothing. Rinne helps finish the experiment on her behalf, which results in a mass of glowing lights that envelops the entire laboratory. Later on, Bell is seen trying to contact Hiro, who is currently in his dressing room devoid of all his usual energy. He notices Bell's message, but does not reply due to his turn for a Prism Show coming up. Otoha and Wakana show up to inform Bell that class is starting soon, but as she is leaving with the others, Bell overhears others talking about how close she is to June's current level. Wakana remarks how everyone's expectations are starting to grow, but Bell rebuffs her flattery, stating that she's merely frustrated on not making any progress towards emulating June's feats, to which Wakana states that she's proud of Bell's newfound maturity. As Wakana turns to leave, Bell stops her and asks if there's anything wrong with her at the moment. Wakana quickly declares there's nothing of that sort, although both Bell and Otoha are skeptical of her claim.

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