Episode 30

"The Crossroad of Vows"

PRRL Episode-30

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Chikai no Kurosurōdo

Original Air Date

October 26, 2013

Opening Theme


Ending Theme

"I wannabee myself ~Jibun Rashiku Itai~" by Emiri Katō & Yū Serizawa & Mikako Komatsu

Insert Songs

"Doshaburi HAPPY!" by Emiri Katō & Yū Serizawa & Mikako Komatsu

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I'm Bell! I'll Become the Manager♪

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Aiming to be a Hero! Freedom!!

"The Crossroad of Vows" is the thirtieth episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


Ito, Naru, Ann and Rinne finally have some time off for their field trip in Hokkaido. Although they have many places they would want to visit, Naru and Ann asks if they could go with Ito to see her mother and younger brother. The girls learn of the meaning behind Ito's nickname "Cross" and about a car accident involving her father and another person which lead to their family being separated.


Naru and co are currently over at Hokkaido for their school trip, having left the store in the safe hands of Otoha, Bell and Wakana. She monologues about every day is a lot of fun since it was their first trip together. Due to the lack of any schedule for the next day, Naru decides to ask everyone to go to the zoo, with Ann and Rinne mentioning other places as well. Ito however declines, as she has made plans to go and visit her mother and younger brother.

Despite this, Naru and Ann ask if they can tag along with Ito. Ai and Rina however decline since they are still going to the zoo tomorrow, nevertheless, their decision leaves Ito a bit flustered.

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