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|Box title = Episode 2
|Box title = Episode 2

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Episode 2

"Leave it to Ann! Pop'n Sweets!"

Ann Excited

Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Ann ni Omakase! Poppun Suītsu!

Original Air Date

April 13, 2013

Opening Theme

"BOY MEETS GIRL" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"RainBowxRainBow" by Prism☆Box

Insert Songs

"BOY MEETS GIRL" by Prizmmy☆

Previous Episode

I'm Naru! I'll Become the Manager!

Next Episode

Cross is Ito? COOL & HOT

"Leave it to Ann! Pop'n Sweets!" is the second episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

Synopsis Edit

Ann Fukuhara argues with her father about her love of sweets. At Prism Stone, Naru is tasked with creating prototypes of desserts to be served at the store and goes to the sweets buffet for ideas. Naru meets Ann at the buffet and the two converse, with the former learning of Ann's knowledge and skill in making sweets. Later, Ann finds Naru failing in her attempt to bake a cake and lends her a hand. She is offered a chance to work at Prism Stone, in charge of the shop's sweets corner. Getting acceptance from Chisato, Ann must perform a Prism Show. Ann performs two consecutive Prism Jumps and a Prism Live. After Ann's performance, the mysterious girl from Naru's audition arrives, introducing herself as Rinne, and Ann is hired at Prism Stone.

Summary Edit

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