Episode 23

"The Prism Wind Carrying Our Memories"

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Japanese Title (Kanji):


Japanese Title (Romaji):

Omoide Hakobu Purizumu no Kaze

Original Air Date

September 7, 2013

Opening Theme

"EZ DO DANCE" by Prizmmy☆

Ending Theme

"§ Rainbow" by i☆Ris

Insert Songs

"Blowin' in the Mind" by Maaya Uchida

Previous Episode

A Promise and the Special Sandwich

Next Episode

The Lonely Queen

"The Prism Wind Carrying Our Memories" is the twenty-third episode of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


After seeing Wakana with her hair down, Kazuki realizes that Wakana went to the same elementary school as him and Ann. Ann is unable to remember the promise she broke to Wakana and asks her to tell her. Wakana reveals their past surrounding Prism Shows and tells her that she stole her Prism Show. After clearing up a misunderstanding, Wakana and Ann reaffirm their friendship and Wakana successfully performs a Prism Live.


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