Pure Premium Wedding Dress
Kanji ピュアプレミアムウェディング
Romaji Pyua Puremiamu U~Edingu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Super Rare Stones
Release(s) Season 13 (Dear My Future)
'Pure Premium Wedding Dress is a star-type Prism Stone worn by Aira Harune and Kyoko in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

It resembles the Pure Fresh Wedding Dress and the Pure White Wedding Dress.


A white mini-dress with a band of pale pink on the chest, puffed sleeves, and navel. Above the band on the chest is a row of pearl pink flowers and a bow on the side. The skirt is split with a white rose sewn to a frilly ribbon, with strips hanging from it that circles the lower skirt to reveal pearl pink layers of lace scallops covered in white detail. White elbow-length gloves are included with a thin pale pink band inches from the top.

There is also an alternate version. The dress and sleeves are soft pink and the bands white, and the flowers on the chest are pale blue, lavender, and pink. The ribbon and flower on the skirt match, and the lace skirt section is a pink gradient.


Kyoko was first shown wearing this in a flashback. Later, Aira obtained it and wore it at the Prism Queen Cup. She is also shown wearing it in the 1st Symphonia selection in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

When worn in the anime, the pink on the dress appears to be closer to violet and is more vibrant outside of performance. The layers of skirt is also ruffled, rather than a patterned, scallop lace, and the ruffles are pale pink rather than white.


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