Pumpkin Witch Tops
Kanji パンプキンウィッチトップス
Rōmaji Panpukin U~itchi Toppusu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 2

Pumpkin Witch Tops is a star-type Prism Stone. It resembles the Red Rock Bare Top, Macaroon Color Bare Top, MARs Shining Heart Tops, and MARs Shining Star Tops.


A dark orange sweetheart top with white frill lining. Around the middle of the torso is a purple ombre with a light gradient, and sewn to the center are three purple hearts to accent the two on the bottom corners. Around the navel is a purple band with white border matching the included finger-less gloves and choker. Sewn on the side of the chest is a decorative flower.

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