The Prism Summer Festival is the second tournament of the Symphonia Selection in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. The festival gathers the famous Prism Teams, such as Prizmmy☆ and PURETTY to compete in Prism Shows. The prizes are the Symphonia Tops for the winning team and the Symphonia Dress Of The Awakening for the MVP.


There are three tournaments that take place in three states, which is:

Quarterfinals: The Kobe Tournament

The location of the Kobe tournament is the Prism Race. The Prism Teams must use robots to race for the obstacles that have set along the route to the finishing line. After that, the Prism Teams must perform a Prism Show. Prizmmy☆ uses Serena's robot, the Serena DX (Deluxe) in the account of Pretty Top while Chae Kyoung bought a black robot in the account of Dear Princess. At the finishing line, they ended up as a tie.

Semifinals: The Yokohama Tournament

The location of the Yokohama tournament is the Prism Passenger Ship. The Prism Teams must find the Prism Stones that are hidden in the ship. The team that receives the most Fan Calls while finding the Prism Stones wins. Prizmmy☆ had gone into the wrong rooms until they find only one Prism Stone, which is the Penguin Teacher T-shirt. In this tournament, it also proves that Jae Eun can smell the Prism Stones. As PURETTY went into one of the rooms, Jae Eun smells a Prism Stone, which is found on a chair.

Semifinals: The Nagoka Tournament

The location of the Nagoka tournament is the Venus Odaiba. The Prism Teams must perform a Prism Show. Prizmmy☆ had won the Symphonia Tops while Hye In had won the Symphonia Dress Of The Awakening as MVP.

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