Example of a collection of Prism Stones.

Prism Stones are special gems containing articles of clothing and were necessary for dressing up the player character in the arcade game, with a limit of 5-per play session. 

Each Prism Stone is 100 yen (about $1.00 US) and the player can purchase more to add additional carats to their Memory Pass, purchased in set and toy packs, or through promotions like tournaments and magazines.

Each Prism Stone is represented by a fashion element: Lovely, Pop, Cool, Sexy, Ethnic, Feminine, and Star. There is also a special Surprise element featuring unique costumes and items.


Virtually everything can be changed with the use of a Prism Stone. In game, they are split into five sections:

  1. Hair
  2. Visual - Jewelry, Make-up
  3. Tops - Shirts, dresses, jackets
  4. Bottoms - Skirts, Pants, Shorts
  5. Shoes


Each Prism Stone resembles a gem heart with a flat, smoothed back. Each gem is colored to match it's fashion element (Lovely - Pink, Pop - Blue, Cool - Purple, Sexy - Red, Ethnic - Green, Feminine - Yellow, Star - White, Surprise - Hot Pink). Within the Prism Stone is a faint visual of its item.

In some instances, Prism Stones can incooperate deco designs. Special Prism Stones can have ribbon and wing detail on them.


Aurora Dream


Aira being given a full outfit of Prism Stones

After being thrusted upon the stage, Aira Harune was given a handful of Prism Stones as she tried to deny having any knowledge in Prism Shows. With no other option, she used them to gain the Fresh Pink set.


The various different Elements as Prism Stones

The Prism Stones make another major appearance during the Tiara Cup, where a trio of girls, envious over how well Aira and Rizumu have been doing steal their Prism Stones after Mion catches them messing up their room and tells them off for it.

Aira comes to the decision to give Rizumu the spare set she kept in her pocket and claims that because none of hers were stolen it's okay. Rizumu went on to perform using them and takes first place. But after Aira reveals the truth to her, she goes on to perform without Prism Stones until the girls return to mockingly tell her off for looking down on the competition by not using any and threw hers to the stage. Aira was horrified by their treatment as she picked them up, and with the Prism Stones, she put on an amazing performance and manages to perform a brand new Prism Jump and win the Tiara Cup.


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