Prism Stone School Girl Casual Knit
Kanji プリズムストーンスクールガールカジュアルニット
Rōmaji Purizumu Sutōn Sukūru Gāru Kajuaru Nitto
Fashion Element Pop

Brand Stones

Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 11

Prism Stone School Girl Casual Knit is a pop-type Prism Stone from the brand Prism Stone.


A white and blue checked top are worn with a yellow jacket lined in forest green. A row of tiny gold buttons is at the center, with two forest green circling the left arm. The cuff is pale yellow-white with light blue circling it. On the left of the chest is a mauve P and a dark blue R. At the neck is a dark blue bowtie. 

In the Anime

Karin wore the Prism Stone School Girl Casual Knit in the winter of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


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