Prism Show is a type of show that combines music, dancing, skating, and fashion. It is the crown of all entertainment.


According to President Kyoko Asechi, there are one million people attending Prism Show tournaments. Contestants, also known as Prism Stars, perform Prism Shows by performing Prism Jumps, which can be between or after the dancing part. There are targets that the Prism Stars are aiming for:


Aurora Dream

Prism Stars aim to achieve the title of Prism Queen, the first place winner of the Prism Queen cup. Aira Harune, Rizumu Amamiya and Mion Takamine won the Prism Queen title three years consecutively before Dear My Future.

Dear My Future

Mia and hye in on the newspaper

Prism Stars were aiming for achieving the title of the Symphonia Queen, the winner who receives the most Fan Calls in the Symphonia Finals. The Prism Star who has the most Fans Call will earn the Eternal Symphonia Tiara and become the center for the most spectacular Prism Act of all, the Grateful Symphonia. Mia Ageha and Hye In won the title of the Symphonia Queen.

Rainbow Live

Prism Stars aim for the title of the Prism Queen, the first place winner of the Over The Rainbow Session. The Prism Star who earns the most Karats will become the Prism Queen. Juné Amou won the title when she was 14, but is beaten in series by Bell Renjouji, who earns 13440 Karats.

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