Prism Music Heart

Prism Music Heart is a device given to all Prism Stars, allowing them to listen to music for practice, killing time, or to record music and voices for future use. It is shown to be a valuable asset. It's available in pink and blue variants.


A heart-shaped CD Player sized device with a small, gem heart on the lower corner. On each side on top are two buttons and a plug where the white or black earbuds connect to it. The frame and gem heart are either dark pink or light blue. The face is black with a white dot border and a small screen on the left-hand side, next to Prism Stone, which is written in pale pink or blue. Beneath the screen is a dark pink or light blue design.



The toy form of the Prism Music Heart allowed the owner to listen to music. It came with various skins the owner could place over the front. Including: 

  • The original, which consists of chains and pearls, gem bows, Rabi-chi and Bear-chi, and gem hearts. The background is black with a pattern of stars and bows. 
  • Bow with Rabi-chi
  • A pastel variant with Rabi-chi
  • Pink and black
  • Black with glittery print and lining of tiny colorful prism stones 
  • Pink lines
  • Pastel with Bear-chi
  • Star and Bear-chi
  • Blue and black
  • Green and blue



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