Prism Feathers is an ultimate skill honed by the female Prism Stars in Rainbow Live. When a Prism Star felt the rainbow power, their backs appear wings which made from coloured lights. The wings are different according to the fashion types, and they will change its shape as the Pair Friends evolve. The Prism Stars that have the ability are Naru Ayase, Ann Fukuhara, Ito Suzuno, Bell Renjoji, Otoha Takanashi, Wakana Morizono, Rinne, and Juné Amou.

Lovely (Naru)

Pop (Ann)

Cool (Ito)

Sexy (Bell)

Feminine (Otoha)

Ethnic (Wakana)

Star (Rinne & June)

Rainbow (Rinne & June)


  • The Star Wings doesn't change compared to the other Prism Feathers.
  • June ripped her right side of the Rainbow Wings, causing Rinne to lose her Star Wings and fell into June's world. This can be seen in June's flashback at the Over The Rainbow Session.
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