Act line

Act Line

Prism Act is a brand new appeal in Prism Shows introduced during Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

It is the heart's revolution and can be performed solo, in a duet, or as a group. To perform a Prism Act, the Prism Star(s) must perform Prism Jumps perfectly.

Prism Acts


Image Name User Episode Description
Shining Oasis Traveler Mion 04 A thirsty Mion appears in the dry desert and finds a water bottle, but sand came out and she faints. In the darkness appear two sparkles of pink and blue, revealed to be Aira and Rizumu as genies. They carry Mion and she transformed into a genie as well. The sparkles seep into the sand and water gushes into the sky. Aira turns the desert into green land and Rizumu creates a meadow for the animals. They fly into space with the water current and pose together as a group.
Happy Smile Girl
Happy Smile Girls Aira 10 In the Prism Design Room, Aira touches the Prism Stones and they transform into clothes. The clothes surround Aira and change her outfit. She happily laughs and appears in the Land of Clothes with the Prism Stones.
Aurora Memorial
Aurora Memorial Rizumu 11 A photo album appears, showing Rizumu's family photos. Along with her memories from kindergarten to elementary school with her parents. She appears at a church and promises to marry Hibiki. When Rizumu throws the flower bouquet, Aira and Mion catch it and Rizumu jumps from the church with her Pure White Wedding Dress.
Jonetsu no symphonia
Passionate Symphonia Mia 44 Mia's Dress transforms into the Symphonia Dress of Passion. She flies with her virtual wings to a fire star and red butterflies appear to form a red Milky Way.
Starlit Sky Symphonia Hye In 44 Hye In's Dress transforms into the Symphonia Dress of The Starlit Sky. She flies with her virtual wings to the four colored stars, each resembled her PURETTY friends. Blue butterflies appear to form a blue Milky Way.


Image Name Episode Description
Miracle Idol Wake Up! 12 A flower reveals Prizmmy posing. They jump high and grab microphones and lands on discs. Rainbow speakers appear and they sing part of the "My Transform" song and when they finish singing, the discs send them at a high speed up to a big disc. Prizmmy jumps onto the disc and poses.
Road To Symphonia 38 The girls having their virtual butterfly wings and fly across the starry road. They fly into the light and butterflies appear.


Image Name Episode Description
Night Flower Fever 13 Green lasers shine in the night and a door appears, revealing PURETTY. The girls spin, leaving pink trails as they soar into the night sky. Rainbow fireworks go off once the blocks shatter, with the remaining allow PURETTY to pose.
MinNa Prism Show
We Love Prism Show 40 PURETTY talk about the wonders of Prism Shows and express their gratitude to President Michelle.
Road to Symphonia 42 With their virtual butterfly wings the girls fly across the starry road. They fly into the light and butterflies appear.
Sky High Symphonia 42 The girls with their virtual wings fly with rainbow trails behind them. Then, they draw crescent moons while expressing joy, then hold hands and spin at a fast rate up to the sky. The clouds spread open as they go through the clouds and pose. Butterflies flew from them to the audience.

Temporary Units

Image Name Users Episode Description
Shall We Dance? Sprouts 27 A drawbridge of light carries an old couple to a castle, then Sprouts take them up high. The old couple hold hands as they fall, transforming into their younger selves, where they dance as Sprouts join them. Then, the couple appear outside of the castle and embrace. Sprouts appear in pink and blue streaks heading to the moon.
Shall We Love? Propose!!! Sprouts 33 A chef and his girlfriend, a waitress is shocked that Sprouts chose them to be in their Prism Act. The waitress, Kuzumi was waiting when Ayami and Reina came with Chef Ken to serve a dish. After the dish explodes, Ken confesses to Kuzumi and Kuzumi accepts the proposal. They're surrounded by food and Yong Hwa was there, taking photos. A pink light shoots outside the Earth and surrounds it. Sprouts appeared in the middle of exploding hearts.
Rainbow Road Sprouts 36 In a grey city, Ayami stops to lean against the lamp post until she met Jae Eun, who took her to shelter from the snow. At the bus stop, they were cold until they met Reina, who makes the sky clear. They walk next to a lake when Ayami took her notebook and ran towards it. A rainbow appears and they slide on it, posing at the end, surrounded by rainbows, stars, and planets.
P&P act 1
Taisuki Chu Chu Love Thank you P&P 28 Prism Stones appears and everyone is included; Rizumu's family, siblings, and Prism Teams. P&P wishes that everyone will forgive Rizumu and Hibiki and express their gratitude, then draw a picture within the heart. Mini hearts appear and shine brightly as P&P sit on the largest heart. Many hearts within the galaxy.
Coelacanth Eldorado P&P 37

While P&P are flying in the sky, they see a coelacanth that devours them. After seeing its mouth open, they cause it to glow gold with other coelacanths. P&P swim with them and the gold coelacanths head to the Earth, which turn into a rainbow coelacanth. P&P come out of their mouths and pose with them.

Dream Flower Revolution COSMOs 31 COSMOs ride witch brooms and clear the night skies. While people were gloomy with the withered flowers, COSMOs cheer to make the flowers bloom. As the flowers come to life, a field of pink appears and COSMOs fly up into the sky while leaving petals from their outfits. They gain fairy wings and pose with a wink.
Tokimeki Memory Heart For You
Tokimeki Memory Heart For You COSMOs 35 So Min writes a confess letter in a meadow. Mia and Chae Kyeong fly with it to Yun-su. So Min confesses before crying, causing them to cry as well when So Min sends a yellow flower

to the sky. COSMOs appear and pose, surrounded by flowers.

New Bento Giveaway
Amusement Lunch Park COSMOs 37 COSMOs find themselves trapped inside a bento box. They knock on the walls, with the food magically appearing. Once they escape they become giants and holds the food with chopsticks and toss them to the audience. COSMOs then appears in a city and pose as food rains down.


Image Name Users Episode Description
Sky High Symphonia PURETTY and Prizmmy 43 Both Prizmmy and PURETTY fly off into space after sprouting swallowtail wings from their backs, then arrive in the atmosphere to pose together as one.
Grateful Symphonia Every Prism Star unit of Pretty Top 48 Prizmmy, PURETTY, MARs, and SERENON all create a tree and spreads flowers to the world, which appears with wings in front of the flower covered Earth.
Dear my future
Dear My Future Every Prism Star unit of Pretty Top 50 Prizmmy, PURETTY, MARs, Love Mix and SERENON have flashbacks that resembl their future. They all pose in front of the flower covered Earth.
Manzai Princesses Serenon with K 14
Super Heroine Time Serenon with K
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