Pop'n Rocket Parka
Kanji ポップンロケットパーカ
Rōmaji Poppun Roketto Pāka
Fashion Element Pop
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Pop'n Rocket Parka is a pop-type Prism Stone. It was Rizumu Amamiya's casual attire in Aurora Dream. It resembles the Powerful Heart Parka.


A white shirt with red and white writing on it. Over it is a white parka with light blue lower-torso coloring, and collar. Around the tp of the chest is a band of neon yellow, and on the side is a pale red star. The cuff is pale blue with a ring of white around the middle, accenting the shoulder and the stripe going down the side of the arm. A silver zipper goes down the center, and a ring of pale blue circles the bottom with gold stud lining.



When Aira was getting to know Rizumu better, she put together this outfit after convincing her to go shopping with her. Rizumu took to it right away and the prism stone is shown to be symbolic for them, if the girls get into a dispute she'll stop wearing it.

The chest design and star are simplied in the anime, white detail is missing from the cuff, collar, and bottom of the parka.

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