Pietro Takamine
Pietro takamine
Kanji ピエトロ・高峰
Rōmaji Pietoro Takamine
First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 45
Gender Male
Hometown Italy
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan

Buenos Aires (Travels on Business, so he has no permanent residence known)

Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Blue
Relative(s) Anna Takamine (Wife)

Mion Takamine (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Toshihiko Seki

Pietro Takamine is the husband of Anna Takamine and the father of Mion Takamine who plays a small role in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, but he helps Mion find how to shine for her new Prism Jump by giving her some advice. He often had to leave Mion alone, as both he and Anna were always on the move due to business. However, they both dearly love their daughter.


  • The name Pietro means "Rock" in Greek.
  • Pietro's surname Takamine mean "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "peak, ridge" (峰) (mine), which literally means "high mountain" altogether.


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