Penguin Sensei

Penguin Teacher is an animal coach who teaches Coach Mascots and Pair Charms at Pretty Top, and is strange just like Yamada Yamao. He is always accompanied by him and is always scratched by the pair charm Vivvy.


Penguin Teacher is a light green penguin with aqua green hair that covers his orange eyes.

Dear My Future

He allows Mia to study at Pretty Top. He pelts the animal coaches with tubs.

Rainbow Live

Glimpse of MH

Penguin Sensei is sent to Mascot Hell.

In Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, it is revealed that he was former partners with Juné Amou. He was cast into Mascot Hell as punishment given by Peacock because of allowing Juné to stay even after a new moon that almost led Prism Shows to disaster.


He is seen in Mascot Hell in Episode 19, and in the Pripara Movie


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