Pearl Headband Hair
Kanji パールカチューシャヘア
Rōmaji Pāru Kachūsha Hea
Fashion Element Lovely
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Session 04 (Rainbow Live)

The Pearl Headband Hair is a lovely-type hair accessory worn by Naru Ayase in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.

It resembles the Fluffy Lovely Tail and the White Earmuffs.


Fluffy metallic pink hair worn in a side-tail with several loose, partially curled strands. The bangs are mostly worn to the right of the head, with the rest tucked back. On the head is a band made from pearls with a blue dotted ribbon on the corner.



Naru wore the Pearl Headband accessory during winter.

In the anime the ribbon is bigger and has less dots.

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