Otogi Takanashi
Otogi profile
Kanji 小鳥遊おとぎ
Rōmaji Takanashi Otogi
First Appearance
Rainbow Live Episode 15
Gender Female
Age (Rainbow Live) Mid to late 30's
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color Honey brown
Eye Color Grey
Relative(s) Soushi Takanashi (Husband)

Otoha Takanashi (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Hyang-ri Kim

Otogi Takanashi is the mother of Otoha Takanashi and the wife of Soushi Takanashi. She is a career woman who works at a publishing company. She married Soushi after gaining their trust despite their opposition to him marrying a woman of lower status. She is physically taller than her husband. Although she can sometimes be dry toward Soushi compared to his air-headed personality, the two are deeply in love.


Otogi is voiced by Hyang-ri Kim, who also voices Shi Yoon in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

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