Omi Harune
Kanji 春音 おみ
Rōmaji Harune Omi
First Appearance
Gender Female
Hometown Yokohama, Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Relative(s) Hiroshi Harune (Husband)

Aira Harune (Daughter) Itsuki Harune (Son)
Eru & Uru Harune (Daughter)

Voiced by
Japanese Noriko Hidaka

Omi Harune (春音 おみ Harune Omi) is the wife of Hiroshi Harune, the mother of Aira Harune, Itsuki Harune and Eru & Uru Harune and one of the best friends of Sonata Amamiya.

In her current life, she works not only as a stay-at-home mom but also bakes at the family's bakery, Haru no Oto. A little bit pudgy, she is an extremely loving and accepting person and will do anything to protect her children.


Omi is a very welcoming, understanding and uplifting woman, but she can get angry when necessary.


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A young Omi as Sonata's stylist.

Back when Sonata Amamiya was a Prism Star, Omi did not work as a baker, but instead as a stylist. In fact, she was Sonata's exclusive stylist. Every time Sonata was about to go out on stage, Sonata recited their magic spell, "The sparkle of the Prism is always right here," and softly pushed her onto the stage. Rizumu Amamiya later asked Omi to do this for her. Before Sonata's career began to wane due to her obsession with the Aurora Rising, Omi married Hiroshi Harune and the two began working at their very own bakery together.

Sometime between this, Omi gained a bit of weight.

Role in the Plot

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Throughout the series, Omi is extremely supportive of Aira and her endeavors to become a Prism Star, being involved in the Prism Show business in the past. However, when Kyoko Asechi suggested that Aira jump the Aurora Rising, she refused to let her daughter jump. After some deep words by Hiroshi, telling her that Aira would not end up like Sonata, her best friend, Omi decided to cheer Aira on and do the best she could to watch over her.

Omi attended the Prism Queen Cup with her family to cheer Aira on, and flew in her Aurora Rising with her. She was the former Prism Star fashion coordinator of Sonata Kanzaki and is always the one to understand Aira and help her in her troubled times with her father. She is a good friend of Rizumu's family.


  • Omi's surname Harune means "spring" (春) (haru) and "sound" (音) (ne), which literally means "sound of spring" altogether.


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