Natsuki is a minor character in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Her mother is the President of a Company and as such, she is often very busy and can't be with Natsuki. 


At first, Natsuki appears to be withdrawn and rebellious. This is her attempt to hide her feelings concerning the fact that her mother is often too busy for her. But like any other young girl, she can only handle so much before it reduces her to tears. At first, she was very rude, but after she got to know Aira and Rizumu, she learned just how wonderful being a Prism Star was and has decided to become one when she is older. 


Natsuki is a fair-skinned little girl with black hair usually worn in a ponytail. Her eyes are dark blue. 


  • Natsuki is a fan of Mion. 
  • She can play the Piano. 


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