Myeong Ja
Myeong hwa profile pic
First Appearance
Gender Female
Current Residence South Korea
Voiced by
Japanese Noriko Hidaka

Myeong Ja is the mother of both fashion designer Yun-su and Prism Star Chae Kyoung. A former actress and Prism Star herself, she used to be lovers with Kintaro Asechi, Kyoko Asechi's father, and Kei's first husband. However, she was unable to live up to the designer's expectations in the Prism Show world, no matter how hard she tried. During this time, Kintaro caught a glimpse of Kei and her Prism Shows and decided to focus on making her a Prism Star instead. Although not formally breaking up with her, Myeong Ja could not take his obsession with Kei and her skills any longer and left him in tears. She still holds a Prism Stone he designed, though it is empty. She is married to an unnamed husband and only appeared in flashbacks in the Dear My Future anime until Yun-su and Shou went to her to ask about the secrets of the birth of the Symphonia series. She has aged quite a bit by this time.



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Yun-su is her only son and eldest child. When he was young, he began designing to make his mother happy, but he began professionally designing partially as a revenge against Symphonia-creator Kintaro for his mother's pain. He greatly respects his mother and her work, as both a Prism Star and an actress. She, in turn, loves him very much and respects his ability as a designer.

Chae Kyoung

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Myeong Ja loves her 2nd child and only daughter, Chae Kyoung. However, Chae Kyoung felt very pressured by her mother's legacy as an actress and felt left behind by Yun-su, who was always praised by her for his designing efforts. She could not keep up in the acting world as a child and constantly felt that Myeong Ja loved Yun-su more than she loved her.


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