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Mischief Cat Overalls
Kanji いたずらキャットサロペット
Rōmaji Itazura Kyatto Saropetto
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Season 9

Mischief Cat Overalls is a surprise-type Prism Stone. 


A black tank top with a row of white buttons going up the center, worn on top of a white blouse. On the left arm strap is a small red bow. Comes with a pair of pumpkin pants that have a single white button at the center and white lining on each pocket. The leg hole is lined with two layers of ruffles. On the back is a black cat tail. 

There is also a version with a black blouse. The top part is yellow striped.

In The Anime

Prizzmy Neko.png

This was worn by the group, Prizmmy☆ in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.