Miniskirt Check Tops MiyuMiyu ver.
Kanji ミニスカートチェックトップスみゆみゆver.
Rōmaji Minisukāto Chekku Toppusu MiyuMiyu ver.
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Rare Stones
Release(s) Season 3

Miniskirt Check Tops MiyuMiyu ver. is a surprise-type Prism Stone.


A short white button-up top with raspberry material sticking out from the bottom and arm holes, lined with white, dark raspberry, and dull black. The ruffled sleeves are lined in black, while the lower torso has black string. At the neck is a matching plaid short tie. Worn over the chest is a dark blue vest lined with the same material and with a small gold button on each side. Included are plain black gloves.

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