Minato Takahashi
Minato Stage Outfit
Kanji 鷹梁ミナト
Romaji Takahashi Minato
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday August 21
Age 17(SSS)
Theme Color Cyan
Eye Color Sea-green
Hair Color Green
Style Academy
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prism Star


Affiliation Edel Rose
Personal Status

Yo Takahashi (Father)
Umi Takahashi (Mother)
Tsubasa Takahashi (Adoptive Little Sister)
Ushio Takahashi (Little Brother)
Nagisa Takahashi (Little Sister)
Namisuke Igashima (Grandfather)
Funako Igashima (Grandmother)

Shiny Seven Stars Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Masashi Igarashi

Minato Takahashi is one of the main protagonists of King of Prism. He is a student at Kakkyoin Academy of Edel Rose.


He is the oldest member at Edel Rose, excluding the members of Over The Rainbow, and has a caring and kind nature. He acts as the big brother to everyone and listens to their troubles. He is also a good cook as he was put in charge of cooking for the dorm when Kouji is initiated.


Minato has a tall and muscular build with short, dark green hair and sea-green eyes.

Role In Plot

In King of Prism, Minato first appears at the Edel Rose Dorm and greets Shin to the agency. He is in charge of cooking for the dorm and he often has Kouji teach him his recipes.

Image Songs

Home Sweet Home

Delicious Essence (with Kouji)

Hyoujo Shiranami Otoko (with Yuu and Yukinojo)

Ride On Sportsmanship! (with Shin)




  • He has a habit of asking people what their least favorite food is so he can cook it in a way that they might grow to like it
  • His specialty in cooking is pasta
  • He is one of the only characters, along with Taiga, who calls Kakeru by his real name "Kazuo"
  • He grows vegetables in a garden outside the dorm, but keeps it a secret from the others
  • He admires Kouji both as a prism star and as a chef


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