Maiden Marin Jacket
Kanji オトナめマリンジャケット
Rōmaji Otona-me Marin Jaketto
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 1

Maiden Marin Jacket is a feminine-type Prism Stone. It resembles the Maiden Lace Jacket, Feminine Leather Jacket, Romantic Denim Jacket, and the Emerald Green Jacket.

It was worn by Natsuki in Aurora Dream.


A white top with a band of gold lining inches from the edge on both the top and bottom. At the middle is a navy logo design. A dark indigo elbow-length sleeve jacket is wor nover it, with the cuff's lower portion pastel indigo to accent the lapel lining. A single, gold pearl button is sewn to the torso.


This is one of Natsuki's attire pieces she tried on for Aira and Rizumu.

In the anime, the top and pants are in different colors than on the Prism Stone.

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