MARs Shining Star Tops
MARs Shining Star Vest.gif
Kanji MARsシャイニーグスタートップス
Rōmaji MARs Shainīgu Sutā Toppusu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 9 (Dear My Future)

MARs Shining Star Tops is a star-type Prism Stone worn by Rizumu Amamiya.


A blue tank top with white tiny ruffles lining the top and bottom of it. Going down the chest are three gold stars with two of them nearing the bottom. Around the waist is a darker blue part lined in white, and on the left side of the chest is a bigger star with an M in the middle. Comes with a dark blue collar made of cloth, along with blue finger-less gloves.


Rizumu 2.png

During Dear My Future Rizumu switched to this Prism Stone set when performing in MARs. In the anime, the Prism Stone set included black and hot pink gloves. The neck accessory was also much smaller.


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