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Louis Kisaragi
Louis Stage Outfit.png
Kanji 如月ルヰ
Romaji Kisaragi Rui
Species Prism Messenger
Gender Male
Birthday February 29
Age Unknown
Theme Color White
Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Style Academy
Romantic Interest(s) Shin Ichijo
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prism Star


Affiliation Schwarz Rose
Personal Status

Juné Amou (Formerly a part of the Rinne Program)
Rinne (Past self)

Shiny Seven Stars Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Aoi Shouta

Louis Kisaragi is a student of Schwarz Rose who is in love with Shin and lead him to the Prism Shows.


Louis is an average height boy with short, white hair reaching down to his neck and white eyes.


Louis is usually calm and kind. Louis doesn't have trouble showing affection to Shin.

Role in Plot

Our first second meeting

Louis meets Shin when this last was in his way home. Louis give Shin a pendant with the Shine's picture inside and ask him to "Show him a Prism Show" along with a ticket to Over The Rainbow Live.

Image Songs

Prism Jumps


Louis can make 4 consecutive Prism Jumps in solo and 3 in duo. But due to the fact he betrayed the Prism World his condition have been worsened at the point he can only make 1 jump during the Duo tournament "Kizuna Beat Climax".



  • Louis was the Rinne 4.11 in the Rinne Program before the program was changed to the Louis Program.
  • Louis seems to know the girls of Happy Rain♪ and Bell Rose and feels sad because he cannot talk to them as he is now.
  • At the end of the Prism King Cup in Pride the Hero, Louis congratulates Hiro in the same way Mion did to Aira during the Prism Queen Cup final in episode 50 of Aurora Dream. Coincidentally, the two pairs finished with the same scores in the respective competitions (Louis and Mion both received perfect scores of 10000 karats, finishing second to Aira and Hiro who both scored O.T.T.[Over The Top]).