Leo Saionji
Leo Stage Outfit
Kanji 西園寺レオ
Romaji Saionji Leo
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday April 4
Age 15 (SSS)
Theme Color Pink
Eye Color Fuchsia
Hair Color Pink
Style Academy
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prism Star


Affiliation Edel Rose
Personal Status

Hirika Saionji
Non Saionji
Kirari Saionji
Yurari Saionji

Shiny Seven Stars Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuma Nagatsuka

Leo Saionji is one of the main protagonists of King of Prism. He is a student at Kakkyoin Academy of Edel Rose.



Leo is a young, small, feminine boy with short neck-length pink hair and fuchsia eyes.


A shy and airheaded, slightly clumsy young man who can be described as a little sister type. Leo adores Yukinojo as a big brother and mentor. He enrolls in Edel Rose because he wants to become manly someday.

Leo gets jealous whenever girls or Louis get too close to Shin. He goes so far as to wait for Shin to get home after Shin said he was going out with a "friend" — when he returns, Leo sniffed him to make sure that he hadn't gone out with a girl.

Role In Plot

In King of Prism, Leo first appears at the Edel Rose Dorm and accidentally trips into Shin, knocking both of them down. Leo quickly apologizes and runs after Yukinojo who had forgotten his bag. Because of Leo's small and feminine figure, Shin mistakes Leo for a girl.

Image Songs

Peach-Coloured MAX Jump!

Itai Doushin RESPECT! (with Yukinojo)

Yakusoku no Sagittarius (with Shin and Taiga)

SurPrise Decoration!

Sing New Shine (with Shin and Kakeru)



  • Leo is pretty good at making sweets.
  • He shares similar traits to Leona West from Pripara, Pretty Rhythm's successor series, as they have a similar appearance, have similar names, and are both boys of a feminine disposition.
    • Both Leo and Leona's surnames have the meaning "West".
  • He is also similar to Nanao Hidaka from Dream Festival. They have a similar appearance physically and in terms of outfit, theme color, and traits.
  • His sisters share a similar appearance to Leona and Dorothy of Pripara, having even the same voice actors.


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