Lemon Flower Cut Sleeves
Kanji レモンフラワーカットソー
Rōmaji Remon Furwaa Katto Soo
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Session 2 (Rainbow Live)

Lemon Flower Cut Sleeves is a Feminine-type stone released during Rainbow Live's Tokimeki Days arc (Session 2). Although it is listed as rare and receives the same points as a rare stone, it is in fact extremely common, as Tokimeki Days only has rare stones.


A pale yellow top with a bow at the center of the chest. All over it is a pink floral print, and at the chest is a small section of black.

In the Anime

Otoha casual summer

Otoha Takanashi

Otoha Takanashi wears this piece of clothing during the summer in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.
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