Lace-Up Pure White Sandals
Kanji あみあげピュアホワイトサンダル
Rōmaji Amiage Pyua Howaito Sandaru
Fashion Element Lovely
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 2

Lace-Up Pure White Sandals are a lovely-type Prism Stone. They were worn by Sonata and Rizumu in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream.

They resemble the Girly Lace-Up Sandals.


Pure white sandals with multiple straps that lace over the foot and ankle.


Prior to the series Sonata was shown wearing these with the Pure Wedding stones. The stone containing the shoes was an engagement gift from Ryutaro when he first proposed to her.

Later, Rizumu wore these to match her. The stone was originally worn on the bow of Rizumu's stuffed bear Andy, then worn as a pendant on her necklace for the Budokan Cup.


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Lace-Up Pure White Sandals

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