Kurun is the Pair Friend mascot of Ito Suzuno. She represents the element of cool. However, unlike Ito, she is a big crybaby and often gets lonely when separated from Ito. Also unlike Ito, Kurun is very friendly. However, Kurun is considered one of the most mature Pair Friends of the group. She transforms into a keyboard during a Prism Live.


Kurun is a light purple penguin with a dark purple heart on her stomach. She has pink cheeks, a yellow beak, and yellow feet. Her eyes are gray and she wears a small, dark purple witch hat with an indigo feather on the side.


Kurun met Ito one day after she left a shop. She immediately clung to her and began to cry after Ito made her go away. Eventually, Ito came to accept Kurun.


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