Kintaro Asechi
Rōmaji Asechi Kintaro
First Appearance
Dear My Future Episode 1 (as Don Bomby)

Episode 38 (as himself)

Gender Male
Age (Dear My Future) Around 45
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Japan
Hair Color Brown (Young)

Gray (Old)

Eye Color Gray
Affiliation Symphonia Company (Former)
Relative(s) Kei (Ex-Wife)

Kyoko Asechi (Daughter) Jun Takigawa (Adoptive Son)

Voiced by
Japanese Shigeru Chiba

Takashi Kondo (Young)


Kintaro Asechi (aka Don Bomby) was the designer of the Symphonia Series, former owner of the Symphonia Company and the main antagonist of Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. He was former lovers with Myeong Ja, mother of Yun-su and Prism Star Chae Kyoung. Due to his obsession with the Symphonia Series, Kei divorced him in order to protect herself and her daughter, Kyoko Asechi. He was disguised as Don Bomby to observe Prism Shows at Pretty Top and manipulate any Prism Stars with potential into doing his bidding.


Kintaro is an elderly man who sports a streak of grey hair. His facial features consist of many wrinkles due to advanced age.

Role in the Plot

When he was young, he designed clothes with Myeong Ja. Two examples of his creations are the Pure White Wedding Dress and the Romantic Night Wedding Dress. He left Myeong Ja for Kei after seeing her perform the Aurora Rising, but Kei divorces him later on. Years after, he now owns the Symphonia Company. He spies on Pretty Top disguised as Don Bomby. When he heard Kyoko was ill, he cooked with Prizmmy☆ and PURETTY as a way of saying goodbye before he completely loses his memories. He sabotaged P&P's 2nd show by showing Hye In a preview of what Aira is going to wear at the Symphonia Selection. Then later, he gives the stone to Aira, brainwashing her and forcing MARs to join the Symphonia Company, along Serenon, Love∞Mix, and Prizmmy☆. After getting MARs back, he met Kei again.

As a last resort to destroy the reputation of Pretty Top, he tells everyone how Kyoko Asechi became a Prism Queen; of course, with his own money. Then he receives a sudden heart attack. He is hospitalized but was later seen at Buenos Aires trying in an attempt to foil Pretty Top's plan to successfully execute the greatest Prism Act of all time, the Grateful Symphonia. Failing to do so, he retires from designing and became a farmer at Kei's estate, hanging up his old Don Bombie costume as a scarecrow. Despite his apparent redemption, Kintaro still retains some of his insane tendencies.



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