King of Prism- PRIDE THE HERO is the sequel to the spin-off movie of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, King of Prism. It was released on June 10th, 2017 and continues the plot of King of Prism, with the main feature being the Prism King Cup and the adventures of the students of Edel Rose and their rivals, Schwarz Rose.


After Kouji Mihama leaves to California in hope of saving Edel Rose, Hiro and Kazuki are left in a depressed state but continue to work hard for the Prism King Cup. That is when the headmaster of Edel Rose receives a terrible news: The credits for Hiro's signature song Pride was taken by Schwarz Rose's Louis Kisaragi, and now Hiro has to find a new song for his performance!? Meanwhile, newbie student Shin Ichijo is shocked to hear that his friend Louis has a secret; he is from the Prism World!?

Follow the story of Over The Rainbow and the students of Edel Rose and Schwarz Rose as the fight for the honored title of Prism King.

Main Characters

Edel Rose

Schwarz Rose

Special Appearances

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