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Kei Asechi
Kei profile pic.png
Rōmaji Asechi Kei
First Appearance
Gender Female
Current Residence Japan
Hair Color Dark Green
Eye Color Black
Relative(s) Kintaro Asechi (Ex-husband)

Kyoko Asechi (Daughter)
Jun Takigawa (Adoptive Son)

Voiced by
Japanese Yoko Soumi

Kei Asechi is a legendary trainer for Prism Shows. Her methods, however, are very cruel. She forces a person to throw away their heart in order to perform the Aurora Rising. She is very cold towards her daughter, Kyoko, but has an understanding of her son, Jun, who can tell when a star has been born. Other Prism Stars have fought against her heart-breaking methods, such as Kyoko and Mion, but Rizumu and Sonata both trained under her. She lives in a remote, European-style mansion by herself, although she used to live there with Kyoko and Kintaro Asechi, her former husband, and later, Jun. She was married to Kintaro until his obsession over the Symphonia series threatened to destroy their family life, and in order to protect herself and her daughter, she divorced him, and he left the house. She used to be a Prism Star before retiring.