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Karin Shijimi
Karin Shijima clip.png
First Appearance
Hometown Japan
Current Residence Tokyo, Japan
Theme Color Yellow
Fashion Element Pop
Affiliation Prizmmy☆


Animal Coach Rimmy
Voiced by

Karin Shijimi is a girl with a candid personality, Karin makes everyone around her cheer up. She causes a lot of trouble for others, but she is thoughtful. Because she is a sister to 8 younger brothers, Karin has developed a habit to act like an older sister to anyone that is down, especially her fellow Prizmmy members. She holds the skill for a wonderful dance and will never practice for a Prism Show without dancing first. She loves to move her body and has the highest dance skills in Prizmmy☆.


Karin at Aira's Prism Queen performance at age 10.

3 years previous to Dear My Future, Karin was one of the audience members when Aira performed the "Aurora Rising Dream", and flew along with her because of it. Unknownst to her, she was flying alongside her future Prizmmy☆ members, Mia, Reina, and Ayami.

Role in the Plot

Karin as seen in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future (casual)

Karin starts off as a kind person who always tries to stay positive and sticks with positive reasons, even though it might not be true. Because of that, Mia did not approve Karin to be in the center of their next Prism Show. However, Karin tries to think that Mia meant it in a different way, even though she knows that their is no other explanation. Because of that, Karin's feelings were hurt and she stopped practicing her dancing as well as falling while attempting a Prism Jump. Mia asks Karin if she felt frustrated or sad, but Karin said no even though she did and Mia told her that she couldn't trust her own feelings and left. After meeting a student studying abroad from Korea, Shi Yoon, she explains that she had a similar experience and was not able to jump because she was feeling scared, then tells her that a Prism Show is about having fun. After being calmed down by Shi Yoon and understanding what Mia meant, Karin successfully performs 3 jumps in their next Prism Show as well as Act Trying.


  • Karin's last name, like all of the Prizmmy☆ members, is based off of the name of a butterfly. Shijimi is the Japanese name for "Lycaenidae Butterfly".