Kanon Toudou
New kanon prof
Kanji 藤堂かのん(花音)
Rōmaji Toudou Kanon
First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 20
Dear My Future Episode 14
Gender Female
Age (Aurora Dream) 14
Age (Dear My Future) 17
Astrological Sign Libra
Hometown Kyoto, Japan
Current Residence Kyoto, Japan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Yellow-Brown
Theme Color Mint green
Fashion Element Feminine
Blood Type AB
Affiliation Serenon

Pretty Top (As of DMF)

Relative(s) Yoshimitsu Toudou (Father)

Shino Toudou (Mother) Hibiki Toudou (Elder Brother) Rizumu Amamiya (Sister-in-Law) (PRDMF only)

Voiced by
Japanese Satomi Akesaka
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Kanon Toudou is a Prism Star and one of the members of Serenon, along with her best friend, Serena Jounouchi, the Prism Show duet, a member of the Serenon manzai duet as the "tsukkomi" (lit. jab) of the group, and Callings member Hibiki's younger sister.


A sweet and tender girl at first glance, Kanon is the exact opposite of her hot-tempered friend and partner, Serena. In reality, she is quite obsessed with her brother, not letting any woman get near him. This is exactly why she has such a problem with Rizumu, and they often bump heads. But when Rizumu and Hibiki were on stage, she congratulated her happily after the P&P act and gave her flowers. She speaks with a Kansai dialect, which is due to her being born in Kyoto. She also displays a condescending attitude towards Serenon's rivals like her partner, although to a lesser degree. However, deep down she really cares for Serena and would do anything to help her out of sheer loyalty. Kanon also possesses comedic talents which makes her an expert on Manzai Prism Shows. She is also shown to be more mature and tolerant in Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, acting as a mentor to Puretty and happily accepting Rizumu's betrothal to Hibiki, calling her "Onee-sama", which means big sister.


Kanon has light-brown wavy hair that reaches her shoulders with hazel-yellow eyes. In Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, her hair is cut slightly shorter and thinner so her hair is above her shoulders.

Role in the Plot

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Kanon as she appears in "Aurora Dream" at age 14.

Aira, Rizumu, and Mion first meet Kanon and her Prism Show team partner Serena at a tournament. The two ridicule Aira and Rizumu for taking the competition too lightly, and show them their Prism Show in the competition. Their outfits shock the team, as even though they are not the same as each other, they match. Serenon wins the competition and forces the three to rethink their strategies.

Later on, Serenon meets MARs in Kyoto when Aira and Rizumu are on their school trip. Serena tags along with Kanon's rivalry with Rizumu in her love for Hibiki on the television show Go!Go! Callings, competing against the idol group on the game show.

Serena and Kanon are invited by Yurito participate in a basketball match with MARs, to which the two happily agree to. In fact, Serena's father Steven Jounouchi provided the location and equipment for the match. Despite her fervor to win against her rival Mion, Serenon and Yuri lose to MARs.

Some time afterward, Serenon would participate in a survival contest alongside MARs in Okinawa, where their main objective was to locate the legendary Venus dolphin with a heart-shaped mark on its forehead. Both girls tried fishing, only to find out that their quarry was none other than Pengie-sensei and a surfing Yamada-san, much to their shock. Later on, she would witness Serena getting beaten up by Rizumu after a failed attempt to scare off MARs by wearing a shark suit.

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

Serenon 3 years later

Serenon as they appear 3 years later in "Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future".

Since her Prism Show agency was dissolved, she was taken in, along with Serena, into Pretty Top by Kyoko Asechi. She appears to still be doing work with Serena, and still doing manzai, as shown by the clothes she wears, which is typical for manzai comedy performers.

Kanon makes her first speaking appearance alongside Serena during the P-nation, when they appear upon PURETTY, only for the latter to wonder who they are, prompting both to fall down due to shock. When Hye In requests Serenon to help them become worthy of the main act, Kanon tells them not to over-analyze things, but just give it their best shot.

Image Songs

Don't Give Up!

Kanon's Outfits

Prism Show Outfits (Aurora Dream)

Melty Angel HairMelty Angel One PieceClassical Tights & Enamel Pumps

Prism Show Outfits (Dear My Future)

Kanon Angel HairSilver Angel One PieceSilver Angel Pumps

Casual Outfits (Dear My Future): Summer

Pastel Chiffon Blouse, Flower Pattern Skirt, Flower Wedge Sole

Casual Outfits (Dear My Future): Winter

Marine Border Cardigan, Box Skirt, Satin Ribbon Sandals


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