Kaname Amamiya
Kaname prof
First Appearance
Hometown Moscow, Russia
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Theme Color Canary yellow
Fashion Element Ethnic
Affiliation Serenon With K

Pretty Top (as of DMF)

Voiced by

Kaname Amamiya (Kaname Chris before joining the Amamiya family) is a Prism Star with unexpectedly high skills despite her young age. She is considered a genius, due to the fact that she can remember whole routines by only seeing them once. She is not a Japanese native; she is in fact of Russian birth and descent. She treated Sonata as her "Maman" (French for "mama" or "mother"), and even decided to throw away her heart (unsuccessfully) to perform the true Aurora Rising. She also possesses remarkable flexibility and athleticism due to her past as a circus performer.


Kaname is a generally cheerful person who acts air-headed most of the time when she interacts with other people, and can be quite childish. In reality she is wise for her age, being able to memorize dance routines down to every single accurate detail. She possesses outstanding physical capabilities due to her past as a circus performer, and is shown to have respectable degrees of endurance, as she was able to perform a dark version of the Aurora Rising without straining her entire body and soul.


In Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Kaname wears her black hair in two short twin-tails that reach her neck with two longer sections of her hair that reaches her waist. She has light purple eyes.

In Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, Kaname has grown out her hair so her twin-tails are now longer. She also wears glasses but it is assumed that she wears them for cosmetic purposes only. She takes off her glasses for Prism Shows.

Role in the Plot


Kaname at around age 12 in "Aurora Dream".

Kaname is a mysterious girl who joined Serena and Kanon in the Crystal High Heel Cup. She has also performed the Aurora Rising, but it was a darker version. Even so, she takes a liking to Aira. To get to know people better, she touches their hearts, smells them, and/or even licks them. 

 In the final episode, Kaname is seen living with Rizumu and her parents. She even shares a very similar personality to Rizumu. 

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

Kaname 3 years later

Kaname in "Dear My Future".

After Sonata decided to return to Rizumu and Ryutaro's side as their mother and wife respectively, Kaname joined them as the adopted daughter of the family. Kaname has been seen to have grown in the past 3 years, having longer hair and sporting glasses (it is assumed that she wears them for purely cosmetic purposes) and a middle school uniform. However, during Prism Shows, she takes off her glasses.

Kaname makes a cameo appearance in the very first episode of DMF, where she is standing alongside Serena and Kanon observing MAR's Prism Show, and like everyone else later, she would bear witness to Mia gatecrashing their performance and declaring her intention to beat Aira.

In Mia's vision of the future, she finds her biological parents back in Russia and happily reunites with them.

Image Songs

Shall We go

Kaname's Outfits

Prism Show Outfits (Aurora Dream)

Devigel Mix One Piece, Devigel Boots

Prism Show Outfits (Dear My Future)

Kaname Devigel HairBrilliant Devigel One PieceBrilliant Devigel Boots

Casual Outfits (Dear My Future) : Summer

Cowichan Knit One Piece, Turquoise Ethnic Sandals

Casual Outfits (Dear My Future) : Winter

Nordic Parka

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