Kakeru Jūōin
Kakeru Stage Outfit
Kanji 十王院カケル
Romaji Jūōin Kakeru
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday December 22
Age 17(SSS)
Theme Color Orange
Eye Color Yellow-Orange
Hair Color Orange
Style Academy
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Professional Statistics
Occupation Prism Star


Affiliation Edel Rose
Jūōin Conglomerate
Personal Status

Momojiro Jūōuin (Father)
Sen Jūōuin (Mother)
Mantaro Jūōuin (Grandfather)
Kyo Jūōuin (Grandmother)

Shiny Seven Stars Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Taku Yashiro

Kakeru Jūōin is one of the main protagonists of the King of Prism. He is the managing director of his father's company, the Jūōin Conglomerate, and attends Kakkyoin Academy of Edel Rose. His birth name is Kazuo Jūōin (十王院一男 Jūōin Kazuo).



Kakeru is an average height boy who has orange hair and bright yellowish-orange eyes. He wears a pair of rimless glasses for eyesight and wears a red vest with golden linings over his school uniform.


Kakeru's personality is commonly and officially defined as chara (チャラ) which can mean flirtatious or trashy. His only interest is getting girls' attention and is said to have enrolled in Edel Rose only to become popular.

Despite his playful character, Kakeru is known to have a more serious side to him. Kakeru is actually a diligent student who helps his father with his work and genuinely loves Prism Shows. He is also an otaku who seems to like every genre of anime.

Role In Plot

Kakeru first appears in Schwarz Rose, wearing the Schwarz Rose's uniform and observing the machines the students of Schwarz Rose use to train which is a product of the Jūōin Conglomerate. Later, he meets Taiga, Kazuki, and Alexander right before they are about to have a Prism Battle and gives them prism watches, a device he's been developing for his company. He tells them it'd be bad publicity for both Edel Rose and Schwarz Rose if either Kazuki or Alex got hurt.

Taiga calls Kakeru a traitor for betraying Edel Rose and going to Schwarz Rose, however, Kakeru denies this later, saying he only went there to inspect the facility that was provided by his company.

Image Songs

Groovin' Chara-Emo Night

Vi Va Vacances! (with Shin)

Red Night Vampire (with Alexander and Yuu)

Sweet Sweet Replies (with Taiga)

Sing New Shine (with Shin and Leo)

Perley Monster Hundred Night Line (with Yukinojo)

Orange Flamingo

Unite! The Night!


  • His real name is Kazuo Jūōin, but because Kazuo is a common and boring name to him, he insists on people to call him Kakeru which he thinks is better.
  • He is fan of all the girls of Rainbow Live and change his ringtone to their songs to match his mood.


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