First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 38
Gender Male
Age (Aurora Dream) Around 4
Hometown Yokohama, Japan
Current Residence Okinawa, Japan
Hair Color Dark Blue-Green
Eye Color Dark Brown
Voiced by

Kaito is a minor character in Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. He has never seen snow before in his life. He moved to Tokyo due to his father's work and will move to Okinawa once after Christmas. 


To Kaito, snow is a gift from his grandmother, who passed away last year. His grandmother talks about snow all the time. Eventually, he saw snow after MARs' Prism Show, even though it was mentioned that it was clear skies.


Kaito is a little boy with very dull, dark green-blue hair. He has dark brown eyes and fair-pale skin. A noticeable feature is the two big blushy cheeks he possesses. 

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