Jin Norizuki
First Appearance
Current Residence Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Voiced by

Jin Norizuki was the supervisor of Edel Rose, former Prism Star and son of Koushi Norizuki . He was very cruel to his students, he expels them even with the slightest mistake. He has intense hatred for June, for she betrayed Edel Rose by calling Jin a "false king." He was responsible of Hijiri's injury. After being fired from his job, he swore he will take revenge on Edel Rose.


4-5 years ago, he was rivals with Rei Kurokawa and Hijiri Himuro. He entered the Prism King Cup with them. But upon hearing Hijiri's injury, Rei forfeited because it wouldn't be a show without him. Because of that, Jin was crowned Prism King.

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