Jin Norizuki
First Appearance
Current Residence Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Voiced by

Jin Norizuki was the supervisor of Edel Rose, former Prism Star and son of Koshi Norizuki. He was very cruel to his students, even expelling them for committing the slightest mistakes. He has an intense hatred for Juné, for she left Edel Rose and called Jin a "false king." He was responsible for Hijiri's injury. After being fired from his job, he swore that he would take revenge on Edel Rose.


4-5 years ago, he was a Prism Star and had a rivalry with Rei Kurokawa and Hijiri Himuro. He entered the Prism King Cup with the two of them. But upon hearing Hijiri's injury, Rei forfeited because it wouldn't be a show without him. Because of that, Jin was crowned Prism King.

Later on, he would succeed his father's position as the supervisor of Edel Rose. This would prove to be a horrible mistake, as Jin corrupted the original and noble values of Edel Rose based on his own principles of absolute perfection and beauty. Over time, Jin's ideals would form the basis for the cut-throat environment at Edel Rose, which influenced many students to take after his principles, the most notable of them all being Hiro Hayami and Bell Renjoji.

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