Jae Eun
Jeun clip
Kanji ジェウン
Rōmaji Jeun
First Appearance
Aurora Dream N/A
Dear My Future Episode 5
Rainbow Live N/A
Gender Female
Age (Dear My Future) 14-15
Astrological Sign Aries
Hometown South Korea
Current Residence South Korea (as of DMF ep 51)
Hair Color Hot Pink
Theme Color Rose Pink
Fashion Element Lovely
Affiliation Dear Princess



Animal Coach Vivvy
Voiced by
Japanese Madoka Yonezawa

Jae Eun is one of the girls who came abroad from South Korea to study the art of Prism Shows at the Pretty Top agency in the anime, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. Jae Eun is a natural airhead and is more than a bit clumsy. A sweet and honest girl. However, she is quite selfish, and a big crybaby. She also falls in love rather easily. Jae Eun's most noticeable catchphrase is "Paku-Paku" (meaning "munch munch"). Her best friend in Prizmmy☆ is Reina.


Jae Eun has light pink braided hair with a black ribbon at the side. Her hair is on her left shoulder. She has light brown eyes.

Role in the Plot

Jae eun winter

Jae Eun as seen in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

Jae Eun meets Reina when she is lying down on the lawn, "munching" on the sun. She feels that she can recharge by eating the light of the sun, and explains the different colors of the sun and their meanings. Reina soon finds out that Jae Eun is a Korean abroad student who came to study at Pretty Top, and she is also going to the same middle school as her. Although they were very good friends, things got a little rocky when Jae Eun falls in love at first sight with Itsuki Harune, not even knowing his name. She asked Reina to write a letter to Itsuki when she wanted to go out with him, but Reina also has feelings for Itsuki, making it hard to give Jae Eun the letter she wrote, while Jae Eun didn't even think about Reina's feelings.
Jeun in love with mysterious cute boy

Jae Eun falls in love with her "knight".

Reina did write a letter but she tells Jae Eun that she didn't write her a letter because she has feelings for Itsuki too. She yells at her, saying that she couldn't focus on anything wholeheartedly except Prism Shows. Reina yells back, saying she's busy and she can't just babysit Jae Eun all the time, to which Jae Eun ran off crying. However, she wanted to apologize to Reina, and tells her she found another prince, her "knight".

Fixing a Flaw and the Debut

Jae Eun, who learned about PURETTY's main flaw along with the other members staying at the training camp, was pretty sad about it. She mumbled unhappily as she munched the sun, saying that it did not taste good as she saw off Prizmmy☆ and the others to the Stand Up Girls Cup. Soon after this, during one of Prizmmy☆'s Prism Shows, she was invited along with the other members of her group to debut as Prism Stars, as the group PURETTY (they were not named before this point). As part of their outfit designed by Yun-su, they were also sprayed with a beautiful perfume, making them smell divine. She commented that "Every step I take, it smells so good!"

Jae Eun worked with PURETTY as a unit for quite a while, acting as the rival of Prizmmy☆. She helped with the scavenger hunt on the cruise ship, revealing to her friends and rivals that she had found yet another love interest, that love interest being Shou. However, when Kyoko Asechi demanded that the teams shuffle, Jae Eun was placed in Sprouts, along with her good friend Reina and Ayami.

Jae eun dream

Jae Eun head-over-heels with Ken Shiotani

As time passed into Winter, Jae Eun decided that since Shou only has eyes for Aira, she would give up on him. Her affections quickly moved to Ken Shiotani, the chef at the high-class restaurant Sprouts visited together. However, Jae Eun's love was quickly extinguished when she discovered that he was in love with his childhood friend Kurumi. Depressed for a moment, she then swore to cheer him on. In order to bring her back and bring in customers, Jae Eun and Sprouts worked together to put on a Prism Show. In their Prism Act, Ken proposes to Kurumi.

Jae Eun enters the Road to Symphonia tournament with Sprouts. She does not notice the difference in Aira and is entranced with the rest of the audience. Sprouts take the fifth place out of six entries in the tournament, placing much higher than the Beef or Chicken or Fish unit, and placing just a bit below P&P.

Jae Eun's Outfits


Dear Crown PURETTY One Piece, Dear Crown Purity Boots

Symphonia Outfits

Symphonia Dress of the Sun, Symphonia Boots of the Beginning

Sprouts Shuffle Team

Dance Butler JacketDance Butler Long PantsDance Butler Shoes

Casual Outfits (Winter)

Fur Vest Checker Shirt One Piece, Gold Chain Leather Boots


  • Jae Eun is played by Madoka Yonezawa, who also plays Serena Jounouchi and Natsuko Mihama.
  • Her design is based on Jae Eun Jeon, her real-life counterpart of the group PURETTY, who left PURETTY in 2014 in order to focus on her studies.
  • She is the only member of PURETTY who hasn't been the center position during a performance.
  • Her signature catchphrase is "Paku-Paku", which when roughly translated into English means "gobble."


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