Itsuki Harune
Itsuki 3 years later profile pic
Kanji 春音いつき
Rōmaji Harune Itsuki
First Appearance
Aurora Dream Episode 1
Dear My Future Episode 5
Gender Male
Age (Aurora Dream) 11
Age (Dear My Future) 14
Hometown Yokohama, Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Hair Color Navy blue
Eye Color Dark blue
Relative(s) Hiroshi Harune (Father)

Omi Harune (Mother) Aira Harune (Older Sister) Eru & Uru Harune (Younger Twin Sisters)

Voiced by
Japanese Motoko Kumai

Itsuki Harune is Aira Harune's younger brother. He is the most sensible out of the 4 siblings. While Aira is working, he is usually the one to play with the twins. He is down-to-earth and mature, and often sarcastically comments on Aira's clumsiness, but is supportive of her nonetheless.

Aurora Dream

Itsuki harune

Itsuki at age 11 in "Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream".

In Aurora Dream, Itsuki has only a secondary role. He is the younger brother of Aira, but at times, he is more mature than his elder sister. He also never passes up the chance to tease Aira about Shou.

Itsuki has a passion for enka music, at least when he was younger.

Dear My Future

In Dear My Future, Itsuki has become quite the handsome middle-schooler. Because of this, Kyoko suggests that she should recruit him as a model. Both Reina and Jae Eun fell in love with him at first sight. He compliments Reina's Prism Show afterward to his sister.

Prizmmy☆ met Itsuki in person for the first time when Mia dropped her smartphone, and Itsuki returned it to her. Mia suggests that for the upcoming "Surprise" themed Prism Show, they have Itsuki perform. Itsuki, a middle-school student studying hard to become a sports doctor in the future, is surprised at the thrill and happiness he feels by doing a Prism Show. He is apparently good at most sports, according to the person in question.

He was soon found by Yong Hwa after doing a Prism Show with Prizmmy. He was finally coaxed into becoming one of the two members of the new male Prism Show Unit, Love∞Mix. Although reluctant, Itsuki found that he liked being a Prism Star, but is still determined to become a sports doctor in the future.


  • Motoko Kumai, the voice of Itsuki, also plays Neko-chi.
  • In Dear My Future, Itsuki seems oblivious to Reina's crush on him, which contradicts his sharp perceptive skills in Aurora Dream, in which he would already have figured it out by now.


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