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Hifumi Yanagi is a minor character in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future. He met Reina, Jae Eun and Ayami after attempting a Prism Act. He is married to Yukie, a former Prism Star.


Hifumi is a very kind and persistant man. He is very loving to his wife, especially.

Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future

Yanagi tried to do a Prism Act and failed, falling on the icy floor. Reina, Jae Eun and Ayami saw him and helped him up. He invites the girls over to his home and introduces them to his wife. During lunch, Hifumi explained that he wanted to perform a Prism Act for his wife, Yukie, on their 50th anniversary to remind Yukie of her days as a Prism Star. However, Reina refuses to let Hifumi perform a Prism Act because of his old age, and instead, she suggested that she, Jae Eun, and Ayami will perform one for them. Hifumi was very thankful and accepted Reina's offer.

The Prism Act they performed for Hifumi and Yukie is called "Shall We Dance?"



Yukie is Hifumi's wife.

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