Heartful Cupid Pink One Piece
Heartful Cupid Pink One Piece
Kanji ハートフルキューピッドピンクワンピ
Rōmaji Hātofuru Kyūpiddo Pinku Wan Pi
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Session 05 (Rainbow Live)

Heartful Cupid Pink One Piece is a surprise dress Prism Stone.


A white dress with pink string going up the center. On top is a red band with white and pink stripes in the middle and pinned to the side is a brown heart with Love wrote on it. Around the waist is a red and pink lace ribbon with a chocolate heart on the right side, while the skirt is white and pink, with red rings on the bottom and different shades of pink and red hearts randomly placed. The outfit comes with angel wings and red ribbon for the wrists.

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