Happy Rain ♪ Pastel Glade Sailor
Kanji ハッピーレイン♪パステルグラデセーラー
Rōmaji Happī Rein♪ Pasuteru Gurade Sērā
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Super Rare Stones
Release(s) Promotion

Happy Rain♪ Pastel Glade Sailor is a star-type Prism Stone.


A pastel top of pink, purple, and blue gradient with thin white lines all over it. Going down the center is a row of white buttons, while lining the middle and bottom is black and white. The collar is white with a single line of black to match the two layer semi-ruffled sleeves. At the center of the collar rests a red and blue ribbon lined in white with a gold broach sewn to it.

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