Happy Rain
Happy Rain (ハッピーレイン, Happī Rein) is a unit in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live consisting of the Prism Stone stars: Naru AyaseIto Suzuno, and Ann Fukuhara. They teamed up in previous competitions by the name Prism Stone in order to promote their store until the Try! Groovin' Session where they debuted as an official unit.


The team was started by Prism Stone's owner, Chisato Ibara, in order to create top class Prism Stars for an assessment which is currently unknown to the members themselves. They were selected to run a store named Prism Stone in order to grow as a person. Naru was selected as the manager after auditioning and soon invited Ann and Ito as the rest of the staff. The three soon joined the Dreaming Session tournament and decided to become Prism Show comrades under the name Prism Stone in order to promote their store. After many events involving Prism Shows, the Try! Groovin' Session was held where Chisato decided to rename the three of them. Ito suggested the name Rain, as it included the initials of the three girls and Rinne. As Ann thought it was too gloomy, Naru decided to name themselves Happy Rain and they won the tournament, becoming one of the most popular units around.

After the events of the Over The Rainbow Session, the three girls graduate from Prism Stone but decide to continue as Happy Rain.

Prism Jumps

Image Songs

Doshaburi Happy!

Happy Rain ♪ Outfits

Prism Stone Team

Naru Ayase: Music Mini Hat, Dreaming Harmony JacketDreaming Harmony Skirt, Music Technical Boots

Ann Fukuhara: Music Mini Hat, Sky Melody Jacket, Sky Melody Short Pants, Music Technical Boots

Ito Suzuno: Music Mini Hat, Violet Nocturne Jacket, Violet Nocturne Skirt, Music Technical Boots

Happy Rain's Debut

Naru Ayase: Happy Rain Sailor Hat, Happy Rain Lovely Sailor Top, Happy Rain Lovely Pannier, Happy Rain Lovely Boots

Ann Fukuhara: Happy Rain Sailor Hat, Happy Rain Blue Sailor Top, Happy Rain Blue Short Pants, Happy Rain Lovely Boots

Ito Suzuno: Happy Rain Sailor Hat, Happy Rain Berry Sailor Top, Happy Rain Berry Pants, Happy Rain Lovely Boots

Halloween Edition

Naru Ayase: Party Night Mini Hat, Majestic Lady Jacket, Majestic Velvet Skirt, Party Night Tights & Boots

Ito Suzuno & Ann Fukuhara: Party Night Mini Hat, Majestic Baron Coat, Party Night Tights & Boots

Graduation Outfits

Naru Ayase: Matching Mini Hat Arrange HairMatching One PieceMatching British Boots

Ann Fukuhara: Matching Mini Hat Arrange Hair, Matching Stripe Top, Matching Frill Culottes, Matching British Boots

Ito Suzuno: Matching Mini Hat Arrange Hair, Matching Classic Top, Matching Peplum Skirt, Matching British Boots

Image Gallery

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• Happy Rain's Prism Live instruments (Electric Guitar, Drum Stick, and Keyboard) are instruments commonly found in modern music band.

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