Gothic Fairy Tale Dress
Kanji ゴシックメルヘンドレス
Rōmaji Goshikku Meruhen Doresu
Fashion Element Star
Rarity Normal Stones
Release(s) Season 8

Gothic Fairy Tale Dress is a star-type Prism Stone.


A lavender mini-dress with white crimped fabric on the chest and a white band around the top, with a black ribbon sewn to the middle. Hanging from the front of the skirt is a white and lavender diamond tile apron with a dark teal tea pot on the lower left corner. A black belt circles the navel. Included is a lavender choker and elbow gloves with white cuff.  


  • This coord was released in Pripara, along with the original version and a few recolors based off of it.


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