Gothic Devil One Piece
Kanji ゴシックデビルワンピ
Rōmaji Goshikku Debiru Wanpi
Fashion Element Surprise
Rarity Pretty Rare
Release(s) Season 8

Gothic Devil One Piece is a surprise-type Prism Stone worn by Serena Jounouchi. It resembles the Gold Devil One Piece.


A black one-piece composed of a corset top with red string laced through the middle and a red bow on the corner adorned by a skull. The skirt is in two pleat layers with red string laced through it in a pattern. A silver chain circles the skirt. Also included are black and red devil wings with tiny spheres on each tip, a red choker with black frilly lining, and black sleeves with red ribbon tied around the top.


Prizm37 32
This was Serena's primary Prism Stone set used when performing in Aurora Dream.

Later in the series she switches to Star-type version, Gold Devil.

In the anime, the belt is removed, and the wings and bow are altered. The ribbon detail is lessened.

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