Gentle Feminine Hair
Kanji ゆるやかフェミニンヘア
Rōmaji Yuruyaka FEMININ HEA
Fashion Element Feminine
Rarity Normal
Release(s) Season 1 (Mini Skirt)

Gentle Feminine Hair is a Feminine-type stone released during Mini Skirt's Season One of stones. It is a hair stone with normal rarity.

It resembles the Flower Accent Hair, Kanon Angel Hair, and the Big Ribbon Headband Hair.


Shoulder length curly hair that loosely hangs down. A few strands stick out slightly, and the bangs are mostly brushed to the left with a split on the right corner.

In the Anime

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Kanon as she appears in "Aurora Dream" at age 14.

This is Kanon Toudou's normal hair style.

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